WordPress Login: How to login into WordPress for Admin / Users

WordPress Login: Did you just install a new WordPress website and now you are wondering how to login into WordPress as an Admin / User for administration purposes? In this short tutorial, I am going to share an easy way to login into WordPress Admin panel as an Admin or as a general user. So read on to find out more.

WordPress Login: How to login into WordPress for Admin / Users

After you have installed your WordPress blog or after it has been setup by your web host/developer, you will need to login into your WordPress Admininstration area (also commonly known as Admin Panel). So you may login as the site Admin or as a user. The login URL is same for both Admin & a general user. You can also create other profiles for other users & have them login into the website using the same URL. So from within this Admin Panel, you can write Articles, Posts, Manage plugins, Themes, etc. To login to WordPress admin panel, simply type your website URL in your web browser, followed by wp-admin/. An example is as follows:


where mydomainname.com is your website domain name

Once you arrive on the page, you would be greeted with a login page such as this:

WordPress Login: How to login into WordPress website as Admin / User

Once you arrive see the box as shown above, simply enter your username, password & hit the Log in button. If you have successfully authenticated yourself, you will see your Dashboard.

Simple, isn’t it?

What do you think of this short WordPress login tutorial? Did you find it easy to follow? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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