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Quick Review Of Top 10 Best Tech Blogs Of 2013

If you are looking for Technology related information and on the hunt for best tech blogs of 2013, then this article is for you. I am going to share my review on the 10 of the best, top technology blogs out there today. These tech blogs provide tips, tricks, reviews and lots of other useful stuff on Technology related products. So here’s a quick review of each of them.

Only the Top 10, Best Tech Blogs – Countdown Begins…

1. ZDnet

Best Tech Blogs 1 - ZDNet

ZDNet offers latest news & happenings in the technology world and hence, they can be considered as a top technology blog site. They offer different options to switch blog “edition” so that you can read what’s hot in the different geographic locations of the world. Some of their areas that include (but not limited to) are Windows, Cloud, Networking, Storage, Tablets etc. The slideshow in the homepage of this tech blog offers a glimpse of the interesting topics following by Featured Stories. They also offer Top Stories, Debates, Photo Gallries, Videos, Downloads, etc.

2. Engadget

Best Tech Blogs 2 - Engadget

Engadget excels at providing information and hence can be considered as the 2nd Best, Top Technology Blog. Some of the categories that they cover are: Gaming, GPS, Handheld, Portable, Science, Software, Internet, Laptops, Tablets, Networking and others. In addition to this, they also offer Top stories that could be of your interest.

 3. Cnet

Best Tech Blogs 3 - Cnet

Cnet is one of the oldest and reputed tech blogs out there. This tech blog specializes in Reviewing different things. So if you are looking for a review on a Camcorder or want to buy the latest cell phone but want to read others’ review first, Cnet would be the best place to start. They offer reviews on wide range of Categories, but some of them include: Car Tech, Home Audio, Home Video, Desktops, Mp3 Players, Digital Cameras, Televisions, Tablets, etc.

Apart from that, they also feature sections like Hottest Review, Latest News, Downloads on different platforms, How To, Deals, etc. They offer much more than what I can cover here, so make sure you check ’em out.

4. Wired

Best Tech Blogs 4 - Wired

Wired offers latest info on a variety of categories such as Gear, Science, Security, Business etc. They also have sub-categories under each category and once you start checking something, you will only start sinking deeper.

On the home of their blog, they feature latest posts, Wired Video, Photo Galleries, Special Report, Recent Stories, All  Headlines, Hottest Web Links, Enterprise, Gadget Lab, Game, Life, Opinions and others.

5. I Love Typography

Best Tech Blogs 5 - I Love Typography
I Love Typography

I Love Typography is one of the top tech blogs that specializes immensely in providing you with only the best typography that you can use for Web Design. They also have a Shop and you can buy Codex Magazines. These magazines can feature articles, book and type reviews, interviews, tips, type history, new and notable fonts, essays, typeface design — from typography experts.

Apart from the above, they offer articles on origin of fonts, curated list of best fonts and other such related articles on typography. So if you are looking for font related font, forget others and check them out first.

 6. Mashable

Best Tech Blogs 6 - Mashable

Mashable is one of the most popular tech blogs in the world. They specialize in offering information on Social Media. They also offer latest news and happenings in the wold of Technology, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Videos and more.

The homepage of Mashable offers: “The New Stuff”, The Next Big Thing,  What’s Hot, etc. Due to the variety of the topics they cover,it’s easy to get lost in the pool of information, so make sure enough time on your hands if you want to check them out.

 7. Smashing Magazine

Best Tech Blogs 7 - Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine

One of the brilliant additions to the Top Tech blogs is Smashing Magazine. They specialize in providing Web Design information. Some of the Categories include Web Design, Mobile, Graphics, UX Design, Coding and WordPress. Each of these categories contain their own Sub categories and you are bound to find a lot of excellent and useful information here.

Some of the other features include Smashing Highlights, Smashing Job Board. This is a must check out top tech blog, if you really want to get started with some quality articles on Web Design.

 8. Tech Crunch

Best Tech Blogs 8 - Tech Crunch
Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch excels at providing information on Startups. Apart from that, they also cover latest information on Mobile, Gadgets, Enterprise, Social, Gaming and others.

Their homepage features, Latest News, Trending Stories, Upcoming Events, Product Guides, Crunch Board (Job listings) and other latest information.

 9. 40tech

Best Tech Blogs 9 - 40tech

40tech covers more like the “technical” part of anything. So if you are wanting to find out solutions for adding a label to mail message  in mailbox or Trying to backup your passwords, you should start from here. They offer news on variety of topics such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Google, Cloud, Evernote, Springpad, etc. They also include information on to increase your productivity.

10. Guardian

Best Tech Blogs 10 - Guardian

Guardian covers a lot of areas and hence it could be considered as one of the top best tech blogs.  Apart from covering lot of info on technology, they also cover different areas such as News, Sport, Comment, Culture, Business, Money, Life & style, Travel, Environment, TV, Video,Dating,Offers, Jobs, etc.

Their homepage features latest news, Best Video, Best Sellers, Guardian Jobs etc.

 That’s it!

Do you know of any other best tech blogs? Do you think any of it will make a good addition to this list? Feel free to share by commenting below.

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