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  1. Tips and Tricks

    WordPress Shortcodes Not Working? Make Shortcodes work in Theme,Plugin

    Shortcodes in WordPress are a result of the Shortcode API, introduced in WordPress 2.5. Shortcodes are a simple set of functions for creating macro codes for use in content and can be used in Themes, Plugins, etc. At times, it’s possible that you may have used a shortcode in a Theme or a Plugin & expected […]

  2. Snippets

    Call / Include / Load Latest jQuery Version in WordPress Theme / Plugin

    If you are wondering how to Call / Include / Load Latest jQuery Version in WordPress Theme / Plugin, then look no further! In this article, I am going to share a very simple way that use can use to always load the latest jQuery version either in your Theme or Plugin or both. Read on […]

  3. Tips and Tricks

    How to Customize WordPress Image Caption

    Have you ever wanted to customize WordPress Image Caption because you hated the way it appears by default in your articlet? By default, the styling of an image caption & its associated image is not that great. In this article, you can easily learn how to customize wordpress image caption by using CSS.

  4. Tips and Tricks

    WordPress: Add TinyMCE to Textarea

    WordPress: Add TinyMCE to Textarea: Whether you are adding custom fields for your theme or building a plugin and would like to convert a textarea to use WordPress HTML/Visual editor, you can easily achieve this using just 1 line of code.

  5. Tips and Tricks

    WordPress Get Category Name by ID : Inside or Outside loop

    WordPress Get Category Name by ID: It is very simple and easy to get category name by category ID, inside or outside loop in WordPress. You can do it by using just 1 line of code. Read on to find out more.

  6. Snippets

    WordPress: Add Content After Post Automatically

    WordPress Add Content After Post Automatically – If you are a WordPress theme developer, at some point of time or other, you may have wanted to add content after post automatically. Here is a neat snippet that let’s you do exactly that with just few lines of code.

  7. Snippets

    WordPress Change default mail sender

    When you install a new WordPress blog, WordPress stores the email address that you provide during the initial setup and uses it on all outgoing email notifications. To keep it professional, you can change it to a different email of your choice by using this snippet.

  8. Snippets

    WordPress: Total post count of a Category and its Child Categories

    It may be desirable to show how may posts a Category contains in it & also display the post count that the child categories of this (parent) category contains. So in WordPress to display total post count of a Category and its Child Categories, use the following little snippet of code.

  9. Snippets

    WordPress: Limit excerpt length

    Have you ever thought of showing limited information about an article on the homepage of your blog? This limited information is called “Excerpt”. It can also be called as a “Post summary” or “Description of a post”. Here is a little snippet that will let you, in WordPress, limit excerpt length.