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    Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance and more

    Auto Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance are some of the many insurance we need on a daily basis in life to safeguard against unexpected future risks and mishaps. But do you know what exactly they are, the legal terminology, how they operate, how to save costs, find out cheap and best auto insurance and […]

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    Happy New Year 2013!

    Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to convey my wishes & thanks, especially to our readers & visitors!

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    Supported YouTube Video Formats

    YouTube Videos, as you all know, is now owned by Google & is a great place to share videos. But did you know that YouTube Video Format has restrictions? I came to know about this just recently when I tried to upload a video, waited for upload to finish, only to be later shown an error […]

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    jQuery Change Class Examples – Add Class, Remove Class, Toggle Class & more

    jQuery provides us with different methods to ease up the process of working with classes assigned to elements. Some of the main methods are to add class, remove Class, toggle Class & to check if an element has a class or not, change class using jQuery. In this article, I am going to discuss all […]

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    Image Resizer Thumbnail Generator Released | Resize images for Free!

    Image Resizer Thumbnail Generator Released: In an ongoing endeavor to make the online experience a pleasure for everyone, Extreme Web Designs is pleased to announce the official release of a  new Free online tool that lets you resize images and generate thumbnails from existing images. Not only that, you can apply Special effects and other techniques to […]

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    What Is An IT/ Business Dashboard?

    In the field of Information Technology (IT), Dashboard is synonym for IT Dashboards, Business Dashboards, Dashboard software. In this article, I am going to give an introduction to what Dashboards really are and how you can use them to increase your productivity. Read on to find out more.

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    jQuery Select Drop Down Value Examples

    Of all the form elements, one of the most important form element is the select drop down list. If you have worked with a select drop down list before, you would know how beneficial it would be to show lots of information, in a contained area.. So do you know how to select drop down […]

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    Get Character Count, Word Count | Character Counter, Word Counter FREE tool!

    Tired of manually counting the number of Characters and Word in text? Want to get the Character Count and Word Count of the text you have? In this article, I am going to discuss about a Free tool that gives you the Character Count and Word Count instantly!

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    jQuery Select Title Of Any Element Examples

    Wondering how to select title of a html element using jQuery? In this article, I am going to share a very simple way to get the title of any html element, be it a div, hyperlink, image, or any other html element.