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Are you a Web Developer wanting to increase your productivity and cut down on the development time? Do you wish to make your web development process error-free & finish your work in the shortest possible time? If yes, then here is a great tool for you. It’s called: MySQL Generator.  In this article, I am going to talk about it and I will tell you how you can use it to generate MySQL Queries/Statements for free.

MySQL Query/Statement Generator for Web Developers

If you are a Web Developer, then you will find this information immensely useful. Let’s say you are working with databases and you have to perform different operations on the table, such as Select data from it, Update, Delete & Insert data. This is fairly simple if you are dealing with very limited data. But what if you are dealing with large amount of data & with multiple tables at the same time? Can you really be sure that you are performing the SELECT read operation correctly and in the right manner? Can you be sure that the joins you are performing, will fetch you the right results? Can you be certain that you are using the punctuation marks in the correct manner? Well, typically we all tend to do mistakes and in the field of Web Development, a single mistake can consume a lot of time in the sense the we end up spending a lot of time in debugging. So what to do?

Enter MySQL Generator

MySQL Generator will let you generate complex and confusing statements/queries within seconds, in the most simplest way you could have ever imagined!

Take a look at the screenshot below for an idea:

Free MySQL Generator Online

Free MySQL Generator Online

As you can see from the image above, you can perform a complex Join query very easily by just entering the required information and selecting the available options from the select drop down menus. You can also specify additional table names, Join Types and an optional WHERE clause as well. Hit the “Generate” button and that will give you the final query that you can simply copy and paste in your file.

So what queries can you generate?

You can generate all the queries that you normally use, such as:


As you keep entering the required information, you will notice that the dropdowns will be dynamically populated. In addition, certain options may be enabled/disabled/hidden based upon the choices you make.


MySQL Generator is really a fantastic tool for everyday use. You will find it really helpful as it will reduce your development time and it will also help you to avoid general mistakes that we make, such as typos, etc. And the best part is that it is totally free. So try it out & let me know what you think in your comments below.

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    MySQL Query Generator is a very useful tool for developers like me. Thank you for this post, its really informative.

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    MySQL Generator is really a fantastic tool for everyday use.

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