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  1. Tutorials

    Tutorial: How to WordPress with examples

    How to WordPress is the common question asked by many beginners who have heard about WordPress and wanted to start a blog of your own. In this article, I am going to show: How to WordPress.

  2. Analytics

    3 Simple ways to Integrate Google Analytics with WordPress blog

    For most website owners, it is really vital to track visitors and to monitor usage & visit statistics. This kind of information can be used to improve services offered. One of the most productive and widely used tools is the “Google Analytics”.

  3. Articles

    What is RSS? Why is RSS used? How is RSS used?

    This article is aimed at giving you a very quick overview of RSS in the simplest way possible, thus answering you the following questions in the process: What is RSS? Why is RSS used? How is RSS used?

  4. PHP

    PHP: Time difference Facebook Twitter style

    If you ever wanted to display the time elapsed in Facebook or Twitter style (recall the format: 20 minutes ago, 100 days ago?). Here is a handy little snippet in PHP, that will let you do exactly the same.

  5. Javascript

    Javascript: Detect iPhone, iPod, iPad

    Have ever ever thought of display custom information to the user or making changes in the browser depending upon whether the user is using iPhone, iPod or iPad? Here is a snippet in Javascript: Detect iPhone, iPod, iPad using this handy snippet!

  6. PHP

    PHP: Add Date, Months, Years to current date

    Did you ever want to add date, months or years to current date in PHP but never figured out how to? Well, this little snippet can come in handy.

  7. PHP

    PHP Validate Twitter Username Example

    If you want to validate Twitter username using PHP i.e check whether its available for registration or not, this can be easily achieved using CURL. The following function will check whether twitter username exists for registration or if it is already registered.

  8. Snippets

    WordPress Change logo on Login page (2 Ways)

    If you ever wanted to make WordPress change logo on Login page or customize it, this snippet can help you. 

  9. Snippets

    Remove link From Register/Login Pages

    If you have noticed, by default the links/logo point to wordpress site in Register/Login pages or in some of the default WordPress themes. Did you ever wonder how can remove link? If yes, then the following snippet of code can help you.