20 Valid Tricks To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

I have been a member of Google AdSense for about 6 years now. And I have seen much change when it comes to Google AdSense. Back in the days, it was really simple and easy to apply for Google AdSense account and getting approved quickly was piece of cake. Things were really and simple in the past and now they are lot tougher mainly because of the increase of abuse of networks. People started abusing the ad networks, knowingly and unknowingly. Because of this, Google has tightened up their policies and are looking at a lots of things to see if you could be a good publisher for them or not.

That said, I wanted to help any new publishers out there by letting them know of the main do’s and don’ts of Google AdSense application. So read these valid tricks to help increase your chances of getting a fast Google AdSense approval for your new AdSense account.

Top Tricks To Get Your Google AdSense Application Approved

Top Tricks To Get Your Google AdSense Application Approved

How to get fast Google AdSense approval for your application?

Here are the 20 tips and tricks that will help you in getting approved fast for Google AdSense.

1. Personal Info

You will need to disclose your true personal info. No mistakes & excuses allowed here. You will need to provide accurate info for all the details that you are asked for, in the application, especially the following:

Payee/Contact Name: Full complete name, including your last name.  You will receive check to this name, so make sure it matches the name on your bank account.  For business account,  enter the name of the organization in the ‘Payee Name’ field and your Website Manager name in the ‘Contact Name’ field.

Address: You will receive checks to this location, so make sure its valid or you will end up losing your payments (Who wants that to happen? No one does & no one should! ).

Email: You will receive all communication regarding your Google AdSense account to this email address, starting with your email verification message. So if you make any mistakes here, you’ll end up having to submit a new application using your desired new email address.

2. Name & Email Verification

Gone are the days when you could apply to Google AdSense with very little info and yet, get approved. I have seen Google AdSense evolve, both in its service and terms. When I got approved, I did nothing but filled the form and followed very minimal procedures to get approved for Google AdSense account. Now time has changed & Google’s terms have changed as well.

You will now need to add your Name and Email Address in an important page, such as the Contact Us page and/or About Us Page. My suggestion is to add it to the contact us page as it makes more relevant to add contact information to the contact us page. This will also prove to Google AdSense application approval team that you are the same person applying for Google AdSense account. This will help them reduce possible bot applications and spam.

3. Live website with Easy Navigation

This next trick can help you a lot. It’s especially good to make lasting first impression. Make sure that you are submitting a live website. Do NOT submit a website if you have the “Under construction” board on its homepage. Also the navigation (links to other pages) must be easy for your visitors or your application will be rejected. So if you don’t have a clear cut navigation, work on it & fix it. And fix it now! Go do it and come back. I will wait for you here and then we will continue with the rest of the tricks below.

4. Age Restriction

Ok so now that we are both here, know that it’s very essential that you are a major to get approved for Google AdSense. So you MUST be 18 years or older to get approved for Google AdSense. If you are any younger than this, your application will be instantly rejected. Sorry, no tricks here!

5. Website Age

The much older your website is, the much greater are the chances for getting accepted in Google AdSense program. In countries like China & India (apart from other countries), it’s really mandatory for you to own your website/blog for at least 6 months or more in order to be considered for approval.

6. Amount of content / Number of Blog posts required at Minimum

Apart from focusing on having quality content, it’s essential that your blog has a significant number of posts to get approved for Google AdSense. This is to show that you are active and you have not deserted your blog. Because the last thing Google needs is a publisher who does not care for his blog or has deserted it.

As such, there is no official declaration from Google that says they need XYZ number of posts in a blog to approve it. And yet, they expect you to have a good number of posts to approve your Google AdSense  application. So how to tackle this?

Well, here’s what I recommend. Before you apply for Google AdSense, write at least one high quality, useful post every day. I suggest that these articles contain anywhere between 500 – 1000 words each.  Do this for at least two months. If you have already started blogging and you already has an archive of posts, then that’s good for you. If you are a newbie, then I suggest you follow my recommendation.

A word of caution. Don’t post 1000 articles on the same day. I know, just one individual can’t do that. But there could be some creative people among us who feel that they could hire ten or even hundred writers, give them about 10 topics to write on and that way, add thousands of articles on the same day. If you are thinking that this idea would work in your favor, then sorry to say, but that’s just wrong.

Look at the top blogs out there today. Even they don’t publish thousands of articles every day. And they have been using different monetization sources such as Google AdSense for years now. When the established blogs can’t produce thousands or articles every day, you and I are no match, especially when trying to get Google AdSense application approved for the first time.

And also a blog should evolve naturally with time. Trying to post thousands of articles each day, will not only tire you and consume lot of your resources, but it will also look like spam. So don’t do these mistakes. Avoid bulk posting, especially when you are getting started with your blog and just trying to get approved by Google AdSense fast.

I am not saying it’s a sin to post thousands of articles each day. But to do that, you have to reach that level first! And that will happen as time passes by. You can’t become popular overnight. So don’t even try that. Don’t try to rush things just to get started with monetizing your blog.

I understand how important monetization could be to compensate for your hard work and efforts, but the key thing here is step into the door before trying to occupy the whole room for yourself.


Slow and steady not only wins the race, but it is also safer!

7. Copyrighted Material

Don’t place copyright material on your blog or your efforts to get approved by Google AdSense will end up in vain. Google expects you to have your own content, that you have written. You can have it written by someone else, but make sure you pay them and by doing so, you get the copyrights for that article.

If a website owner does not pay the writer, then the writer becomes the owner of the written content and will hold all copyrights. So in such a case, a non-paying buyer cannot use an article on his own website, for which he has not paid the author for content writing. Moral? Get unique content written and compensate the writer for their time & efforts and automatically get all copyrights. Simple.

8. Top Level Domain (TLD)

Having a Top Level Domain (such as , has become an absolutely important part in getting your Google AdSense application approved. If you are hosting your blog on a free shared host, then consider that your application is in danger.

To get approved without risk, go buy a Top Level Domain and start your blog on it. It’s not mandatory to buy a Top Level Domain that matches with your website name, although using a related domain name could help you a bit in search engine results. We can start a debate on this (& I am really not in the mood for this as I want to help you guys get your AdSense application approved quickly first), but let’s leave that idea for another article.

So as long as it’s a valid domain name that is not offensive or illegal to use, the chances of getting your Google AdSense application  approved are bright.

Examples of Valid TLD:


Examples of Invalid TLD:


9. Decent (at least) Website Design

I call a website that hurts people’s eyes or effects their readability as “Insta-Fail”! Personally, I instantly quit websites that use colors that affects readability negatively. This is especially true in case of dark themed websites. When I design websites for my clients, I try to avoid using dark colors, such as black in majority. In some cases, it might look visually appealing to have a dark background website, but it needs a significant amount of work to make it look comfortable for the majority of the users to read, if not all. This is because basically, we are making the website for our users not for ourselves.

Your website design need not be great looking to get approved for Google AdSense. You don’t need to get Ooohh!! Aaaahh! from your visitors to get the Big G to approve your application. Just make sure that the website has an easy navigation, colors that are easy on the eyes, a functioning search box (recommended as it adds in favor of usability). You can also use social media sharing to your advantage here and include link to your Google Plus profile and add some social media buttons such as Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Pinterest Pin, etc. to your blog posts.

In short, you can have a great web design to please your readers. But essentially have at least a decent looking website to get your Google AdSense application approved. That includes considering choice of colors used, target audience, etc. If you are looking to get a new WordPress theme designed for your WordPress blog, I can offer my services to you. FYI, I am a WordPress theme designer & WordPress plugin developer, apart from being a Web Designer & Web Developer. So feel free to contact me with the details and I would be happy to help.

10. Keep your website clean

Keep Website Clean to Get approved fast for Google AdSense

Keep Website Clean to Get approved fast for Google AdSense

Don’t host any malware or employ any redirects. Don’t use any pop-ups, pop-unders, especially if it interferes with website navigation.

11. Variety & Type of Content on your blog

Be extra careful when it comes to the type of content that you post in your blog. Google AdSense is definitely not for adult oriented websites. It’s not even for the websites that deal in Dugs, Gambling, Illegal Weapons, Hate-related, etc. Google AdSense is not right for you if your blog deals with the above content or any content in relation to the above areas.

If you are sure that your blog falls under at least one of the unacceptable categories and would like to look for alternatives for Google AdSense, then I suggest you start reading my article “20 Top High Paying Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog“.

12. Guidelines for Webmasters

If you have done any of the following or thought of doing it, STOP! Fix it before you proceed.

1) If you have used irrelevant keywords or used keywords excessively in the content or code of your blog articles, then remove the excessive ones.

2) Do not use hidden links/text.

3) Also refrain from using Auto-generated content, Scraped content, Doorway Pages.

13. Write content that adds to value of your blog and helps users

Make sure that you focus on providing quality info to your users and your hard work will be rewarded. Don’t leave feedback or state anywhere that you are applying for Google AdSense just because you are interested in making money. If you do this even by mistake, your Google AdSense will be rejected without any doubt.

14. Using Other Advertisement Networks on the same blog

If your blog is brand new and you don’t have any ads running on it, then you don’t need to worry about this. But if you already have a blog and you are already using other ways of monetization, then make sure that you remove them. Why? The reason is simple. If you already have ads on your blog, then chances are high that you have reached the maximum allowed ads usage per page.

Google permits you to place up to 3 ad blocks on a single page and if they see that you are already using other ad networks and have already placed ad blocks (say three ads), then they feel that if they approve your Google AdSense application, you might over-crowd your content by adding more ad blocks. This means, they think that you might end up with 6 ads blocks as opposed to the suggested maximum of 3 ad blocks per page.

So this will look as if you are trying to force ads on your readers and Google does not like that. Hence when they find you already using ads from other Ad Networks, the chances are high that they will reject your approval. In my view, they will say “You don’t need us as you have already taken care of monetization!”.

So be smart, strip of any existing ads you may have before you apply for Google AdSense. Once you get approved, you may add them. By saying “add them”, I DON’T mean add 6 add blocks (3 ads from Google and 3 ads from your other Ad Network). I mean add the 3 ad blocks that Google permitted. Don’t try to fill your blog with ads, especially when getting started. It can look tempting to have large number of ads, but it won’t work out well unless your page layout and content allows you to do so.

15. Try to Help Others

You may think what helping others has to do with your Google AdSense application. Let me explain. By “helping others”, I mean try to be socially active and try to solve other people’s problems and issues in your niche. Be an active participant in Forums, Community discussion boards, etc. Usually all these sources will let you make a profile and even let you place a signature. If they do, provide your website/blog name in this. Over time, this will act like a back link to your website. When Google AdSense application approval team performs an analysis of your websites, they will see the back links from good sources and this will give them additional motive to consider approval for your application.

And when you are at it, just make sure that you are “actually helping people”. Don’t do this just to increase back links because it’s very easy to get yourself banned from the forum by the moderators. And one more thing, if you didn’t think of this earlier. Remember the backlinks that gave Big G a reason to consider your website? Well, they can simply visit those backlinks to see the reason why you got it. And when they see that you are actually involved and trying to help others without leaving spam messages such as “Hi, it’s me”, “Thanks”, etc. they will really know about you. They can read all what you posted and why you did and make a wise decision on whether to approve your Google AdSense application or not.

So yes, they are all there! We got eyes everywhere and we are being watched. If you think that you won’t have enough time to genuinely help others, then simply ignore this tip and move on to the next one. You are here to read tricks that will help you in getting your Google AdSense approval fast and not the vice-versa. Right? So let’s move on.

 16. Read Google’s Terms & Conditions and abide by them

Ignoring this tip is a good way to make sure that your Google AdSense application is rejected. Yes, you may not have the time to do so, but I urge you to do it. And do it now by clicking here to read the Google AdSense Terms. You will thank me later. And while you are at it, make yourself a cup of coffee and have some crackers. You got some work to do!

17. Avoid repeated submissions

In case you have already submitted an application but unfortunately got rejected for some reason, don’t be hasty to submit another application very soon. Just give it some time, about couple of months or so. Usually the application review team will let you know the reason why they rejected your application. So read through it entirely and work on to fix out the issues and give it some time to show its results. Once you are confident that your blog/website does not exhibit the same reasons for which your application was rejected earlier, go ahead and submit your application.

18. About Us page

An About Us page is definitely one of the most important factors that determine the outcome of your Google AdSense application approval. If you ever had problem in getting approved, or you are currently about to apply, then make sure you have an About Us page. Don’t think that you don’t need an About us page, if you are going to apply for using AdSense on your blog. No!

It’s highly vital that you have an About Us page as it gives your readers, a good idea about who you are and what you do. And it is also a good way to advertise your services and it’s free! So why do you want to let go of this golden opportunity? Go ahead, write a concise article about yourself/your company and add it to your blog/website to get approved for Google AdSense fast.

19. Privacy Policy page

The Privacy Policy page is one of the most commonly overlooked facts that could have a serious impact on your AdSense application. You may feel that you may not need it, especially if you are running a blog. Well, that’s not true anymore! A privacy policy page helps users understand how data related to them, or the data related to the site will be used. It will offer them helpful information or restrict them, based upon the rules you set. It’s just one additional step towards getting your users closer to your blog/website.

Now if you are thinking of contacting your local attorney for a Privacy Policy, STOP! There’s no need to do that. You can use the website below to generate free Privacy Policy for your website/blog. Check it out at: FreePrivacyPolicy

20. Contact Us page

I think the value of adding a Contact Us page is self-explanatory. But still, I would like to elaborate on that so that you understand it’s importance. A contact us page not only gives a chance for your users to contact you should they decide to hire you for your services, but it also proves to Google that you actually do care for your visitors and offering them a way to contact you only tells them that you could be a very good potential Google AdSense publisher because you are basically thinking in favor of your users.

So make sure you add a Contact Us page to your blog. If you are using WordPress blog and have trouble adding a Contact Us page or need assistance doing so, contact me and I will add a basic contact form for Free. Yes, you read that right. I did say “Free”. No strings attached. Why am I offering it for free? Well, there are three reasons:

1. You are my visitor.

2. I understand that getting approved for Google AdSense can be really tough without following all guidelines and hence I want to help you get approved.

3. I enjoy working with WordPress.

If it sounds good to you and you seek my help in getting a free basic WordPress contact us page, then contact me now. Here’s what the contact us page will contain once I create it:

1. A contact form that the user can fill out and submit to you.

2. The Contact form itself will contain following fields: Name, Email, Subject, Message. When user fills out and submits the info, you will receive that email to the email that you have provided for your WordPress admin email.

3. If you need any other contact info to be added, please prepare it in a Word document as you like so that I can add it to the page, once the contact us form is ready.

Get Google AdSense Application Approved Fast by simply following the above Tricks!

Get Google AdSense Application Approved Fast by simply following the above Tricks!

Well, that’s it for now! Hope you guys got good idea on what to do to get your AdSense application approved fast!

Your Turn!

What do you think of these different tricks to get your Google AdSense application approved fast? Have you ever used any of the tricks that I mentioned? Do you have any tricks of your own that you would like to add in to help our friends here? Please feel free to share your Google AdSense approval success stories with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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